Poison Pete
Rocket Executive Petrel reporting for duty. How 'bout you just go away and do some paperwork for me, eh? I've got a nap to take.

Rocket Executive

Oh, also you can always contact me on my personal tumblr here. Fair warning though, naruto and sometimes nsfw stuff so yeah.

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Hello & Goodbye (?)

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Anonymous: Snag a picture of Elesa naked.

"Fuck yeah~"

TOD Thursday

So I have my two hardest finals tomorrow meaning I won’t be on tonight at all. HOWEVER, I’m all free afterwards plus its a half day AND a two hour delay!

Anonymous: what do you think would be the most awesome alternative universe to live in?

"A universe where pot was legal and free everywhere."

Anonymous: if you could, would you go back and relive your teenage years?

Fuck yeah. Are you kidding? Best part of my life ever.

Anonymous: How would you like to die?

"Alcohol poisoning."

Anonymous: Have you ever used a vibrator on yourself or anyone else? If so, who?

"Kinky are we? Yes, yes, and too many women."

TMI Tuesday!